Windy Warrior

Adrenaline Therapy Program

Our History

skydiveIn Sept, 2016 The Maine Veteran’s Project (MVP) partnered with Vacationland Skydiving (VLS) in Pittsfield, Maine to bring a handful of Veterans out for a skydiving beta test. The day’s success brought back MVP with additional veterans three times during the 2017 season. The resounding success and realization that the effects of the skydiving activities where restoring healthy life characteristics into veterans, suffering from PTSD, was worth continuing.

A Facebook page was established by MVP & VSL to allow the veterans to share their experience amongst themselves. What transpired next was truly amazing. Not only did the Veterans begin to share the experience of their skydive, but they began to open-up to each other, strengthening their fraternity, and encouraging positive growth in each other’s lives. Equally amazing were the experiences their spouses and family members began to share about the transformations they are seeing in their Veterans.

And, hence, The Windy Warrior – Adrenaline Therapy Project ™ (WW-ATP) program was established to continue to help our “at risk” Veteran’s struggling with PTSD, suicidal depression & thoughts.