Windy Warrior

Adrenaline Therapy Program


veteran skydivingThe WW-ATP is designed specifically for combat and otherwise affected veterans facing daily struggles with PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideations. To date we have not seen a more initially effective methodology that truly resonates.  While this program is in its infancy, the preliminary findings are impressive and we are seeing an immediate and sustained positive impact at 90+ days out from initial therapy.

 Some examples of preliminary findings:

  1. Veterans who have isolated themselves with little to no interaction in recent years have immediately, after their jump, now seem drawn to the other veterans, sharing their experience and partaking in group conversations.
  2. One particular veteran, having not driven a car in over two years, as a result of trauma in-theatre – which claimed the life of a fellow soldier; has now been driving every single day since his initial skydive.
  3. Another veteran attended his child’s soccer game, which was his first public event attended in almost 7 years.
  4. VA and other counselors are seeing a positive impact with our Windy Warrior veterans and have expressed desire to draft their observations after 3-6 months of observation.

While we understand these are preliminary findings, we recognize the potential for a breakthrough in PTSD / suicide prevention.  We are taking a demographic that has been through the most extreme situations and utilizing an equally extreme methodology to try and replicate the same catecholamine levels in a positive setting.  Action Therapy (or as we’ve trademarked it; ‘Adrenaline Therapy’) is not a new concept, however this methodology has never been paired with a PTSD / suicide prevention program before. 

So far we have a 100% initial and ongoing positive result.  We firmly believe we have a methodology worth exploring but without scientific data to support our hypothesis, many veterans may not have this opportunity.  With a veteran suicide rate of 20+ every day, we feel compelled to at least try every option available.

This is why we are actively working to partner with the medical & academic professionals to commission a study that can substantiate and validate the longer-term benefits achieved by this program.